Menu – Main

Breakfast (served 9am-12noon)

Fried Egg on a Scotch Bap. $4
Square Sausage on a Scotch Bap $5
Black Pudding on a Scotch Bap $5
British Bacon on a Scotch Bap $5
Haggis on a Scotch Bap $5
Fried Egg + Square Sausage on a Scotch Bap $6.50
Fried Egg + Black Pudding on a Scotch Bap $6.50
Fried Egg + British Bacon on a Scotch Bap $6.50
Fried Egg + Haggis on a Scotch Bap $6.50
Small Breakfast
2 Eggs and Toast* (2 slices)
Full Breakfast
2 Eggs, Home Fries, Toast* (2 slices). With 1 choice of the
following: –
Black pudding, Haggis, British Bacon , Square
Sausage, Beef Links, Pork Links, Regular Bacon or Potato Scones.
Each Additional Item $2.75
Baked Beans $2.75
Fried Tomato $2
Fried Mushroom $2
The Big Breakfast
3 Eggs, Home Fries, Toast* (2 slices), British Bacon, Black pudding, Square Sausage.
With 1 of the following :- Fried Tomatoes or Fried Mushrooms.
Pancakes with Butter and Syrup $7
French Toast Dusted with Icing Sugar $7
Toast* (2 slices) $3

Scones (served 9am-3.15pm)

Scone of the Day
With Jam and Butter.
Scone of the Day
With Jam and thick British Cream.

Tea and Biscuits (served 9am-3.15pm)

House tea (1 person pot)
with 3 British biscuits

Lunch (served 9am-2.30pm)

Homemade Pies, Freshly Baked in-store
With Mashed Potatoes, Gravy and your choice of Mushy Peas or Baked Beans (large traditional pastie -add $3)
Bangers, Mash and Baked Beans (pork or beef) $9
Baked Beans on Toast
Add grated cheese for $1

Soup (served 9am-2.30pm)

Home Made Soup of the Day $4.50
Home Made Soup and Scone with jam and butter
Substitute butter for thick British cream, an additional .50c
Home Made Soup and Half Sandwich
Sandwich fillings:- Egg Salad, Tuna, Salmon, Cheese and Tomato,
Cheese and Branston Pickle.

All soups are made from scratch at the tea room and fresh ingredients always used. Ask a server for the daily soup (available as long as they last).

Sandwiches (served 9am-2.30pm)

Cheese and Branston Pickle $6
Cheese and Tomato $6
Egg Salad
Chopped egg with mayonnaise and green relish.
Red Pacific Sockeye Salmon with mayonnaise.
White Albacore Tuna mixed with green onion, celery and mayonnaise.
Welsh Rarebit $7
Campbell’s own special version, served on warm ciabatta bread made with real old cheddar cheese, djon mustard & thick British cream.
BLT $6.50
Shrimps Galore $11
Served on Rye bread with sliced egg, avocado, topped with mayonnaise, then a generous layer of baby shrimp to finish.


Speciality Loose Tea
Please ask for our separate tea menu for choices.
House Tea
De-caf Tea also available.
*Coffee $2
De-caf *Coffee
Freshly Brewed.
Hot Chocolate $2.50
Hot Chocolate with whipped cream $3
Cola, Diet Cola, Ginger Ale, Iced tea $2
Imported British Pop – Please Ask Server
Orange or Apple Juice $2
Milk $2.50
Chocolate Milk $2.50

These items and prices are subject to change due to market price and availability.

*Coffee – 1 refill per customer, when ordering with food to eat-in.
All sandwiches are served on fresh bread. *Choose from White, Brown or Light Rye.
Hot food served from 9am – 2.30pm