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Menu – Specialty Teas

1. Mercedes Apple Spice $2.99
Take some home, 4 scoops/$7
Boasts an intense apple flavour with mild sweet and spicy cinnamon notes. This tea is not only delicious, but it is also caffeine free and full of vitamins, including vitamin C. Anyone would enjoy this delicious blend of fruit & spice!

2. Granny Green Apple $2.99
Take some home, 4 scoops/$7
A green tea with luscious apple and sweet caramel.

3. Japan Bancha $3.79
Take some home, 4 scoops/$9
A sweet green tea with a smooth taste.

4. Organic Monks Blend $3.49
Take some home, 4 scoops/$8.50
A black tea with light fruity grenadine lifts exotic caramel vanilla for a heavenly flavour.

5. Imperial Keemun $4.29
Take some home, 4 scoops/$10
A black tea, crisp and lively with flavorful burgundy notes.

6. Monks Blend Pai Mutan $3.79
Take some home, 4 scoops/$9
A black tea offering good body and satisfying flavour.

7. Lemon Grass Chai $2.99
Take some home, 4 scoops/$7
A white tea with palate cleansing

8. Green Tea Chai $3.49
Take some home 4 Scoops/$8.50
Superb green tea blended with fresh Asian spices for real green chai.

9 . Formosa Gunpowder $3.79
Take some home 4 Scoops/$9
A green tea with strength and captivating taste.

10. Jasmine with Flowers $2.99
Take some home 4 Scoops/$7
A green tea with surprising body and captivating floral character accentuated by Jasmine blossom.

11.Margaret’s Hope $2.99
Take some home 4 Scoops/$7
From one of Darjeeling’s best known estates, this 2nd flush tea has a lovely muscatel flavour with a delicious astringency.

12. Ginger Peach $2.99
Take some home 4 Scoops/$7
The piquant and spicy character of ginger is mellowed with the sweet character of peaches.

13. Irish Eyes $3.49
Take some home 4 Scoops/$8.50
Top of the morning! Green tea with hints of chocolate, coffee and vanilla meander in natural aromatic bergamot – Irish creamy smooth!

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